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The Rockland Music Teachers Guild offers two scholarships each year to high-school seniors of outstanding music ability who plan to continue musical studies in college. 

The George Bryant Scholarship, established 2017, awards $4000 to students who plan to continue as a music major at a University or Conservatory.


The RCMTG Scholarship awards $2000 to students who plan to continue musical studies in college, not as a major.

Scholarship auditions will be held on the same day as the RCMTG Young People's Auditions. Applications are submitted through the Auditions Committee upon request, for no fee. Applicants may only apply to one of these scholarships.



Both the RCMTG and the George Bryant Scholarships will be offered this year.  In lieu of in-person auditions and judging, Scholarship applicants must meet the existing requirements as listed on the Guild website and submit the form as well as a video recording of their performance.  A panel of adjudicators will view the video and make the decision whether to award Scholarship. 

2021 Scholarships Update

Auditions Chairperson, Christine Renstrom, announces the awarding of two equal scholarships


Mataji Baguio, vocal student of Bette Glenn

Julia Lombard, student of Barbara DeDeo

Though we were unable to hold auditions, it was the unanimous decision of the Board of RCMTG to award this Scholarship to both applicants out of a generosity of spirit at a time of hardship for so many of our young people going on to college.



Congratulations and Best Wishes

to both these young women as they move

on to college and grow in their love and study of music.

There were no applicants for the George Bryant Scholarship.

2020 RCMTG Scholarship Winners Announced

  • The applicant must be a student of an RCMTG teacher who has been a member for at least the past 2 consecutive years.

  • The applicant will perform 3 works of varied periods and/or contrasting styles that clearly demonstrate technical expertise and expressive ability. Vocal candidates will be expected to sing in 3 languages.

  • The audition is not required to be from memory, although this is strongly suggested.

  • The length of the audition should be at least 15 minutes, not to exceed 20 minutes.

  • Financial need will not be a consideration in this award.

  • There is no application fee.